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About Us

Our Church Family


We are a Seventh-day Adventist church family who believes in living according to the word of God, by His powerful grace. We cherish the study of the scriptures both in our private lives, and as a church family, and we enjoy sharing what we learn with others who are interested. As a congregation, we are eagerly seeking ways that we can better serve the diverse needs of our community and we desire to be a positive and radiant light here in our Valley home. We are a people who are "looking for and hastening" the soon second coming of Christ (2 Peter 3:12) and believe that spreading the good news of the gospel is exactly what Christ has asked us to do (Mark 16:15).


We warmly welcome people from all walks of life and invite you to come for a visit, plug into one of our Bible study times during the week, or simply send us your prayer request so we can support your spiritual needs! Our service is a more traditional service that focuses on praising the Lord as a church family through prayer, singing of sacred hymns and study of Gods word. We look forward to meeting you! 


Saturday Worship Time:

Bible study (childrens & adult): 9:30 am

Congregational worship: 10:50 am

Weekly Bible Study:

 (see our ministries page)